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 (If you would like to become familiar with Guitarmageddon please follow this link.)
Guitar Center Contest Guitarmageddon

2004 was an incredible year at the Guitar Center on Sheridan Blvd and 88th in Arvada, Colorado.  We had a few students performing at the other Guitar Centers in the Denver area like Antonio Maldonado who has always done well at the Colorado Blvd. store and I may be missing a few but, at the Arvada store we had Craig Bennington, Joe Mott and Melisa Osterman.  A few old friends from CHODOSH GUITAR were on hand, as you can see in the pictures, not to mention a few of the younger students who plan to enter in the future and of course all of the family members who were there to back up their favorite contestant or, even more importantly, to support their child's interests.  I would like to applaud each and every one who was there.  It was a tremendous 4 week  display of sportsmanship by all.

I am only going to mention three of the players who were there as CHODOSH GUITAR students.  If I have missed anyone please email me and I will amend this page.

To start:  Melissa Osterman played a tremendous blues solo.  She has gotten better each year at sounding and looking  smooth and comfortable while on stage.  Melisa, you are proof that determination, met with desire creates results, great results.  Great work!

Next: Craig won his week's title with a tremendous display of speed and melodic sense that would impress even the most diehard rock fan or 30 year guitar playing veteran.  He has shown even more improvement this year with his sound and his stage presence and is rapidly becoming one of the best on the scene.  No one could look away while he was playing.  Who would want to?

The next week:  Joe Mott got up and played great blues, careful but loose and timed beautifully with that type of teasing expressions that every great blues player hopes he'll remember to use.  Then he added a jazz solo ("Night and Day") onto his performance afterwards.  It was magical and got him a standing ovation.  He too, won his week's title and would later face the other winners including Craig at the store final.

Keep in mind, this is the first time that two CHODOSH GUITAR students would face each other in the store final.

The week of the store final:  Craig played incredibly well.  Sweeps, tapping, blistering runs, screaming dives, the whole bit.  He looked and sounded incredible.  Joe showed more improvement going into the final than I could ever imagine.  He must have been practicing non stop as his routine had been reinvented completely and sounded like he was a new player.  Even smoother than before.

The winner was not a CHODOSH GUITAR student or teacher.  His name is Chance Gallager and (in my opinion) it's about time he won one of these.  He is one of the most creative players I've ever heard in my life and a great guy.  

I would like to offer my Congratulations to Chance for winning the store final and to Craig and Joe for making it to the store finals.

I cannot express how impressed I am with all of the students who competed and with all of the students and family members who showed up and took part in this event.  Without every one of you this event could never have meant so much to all of us involved.  I thank you all. - Michael Chodosh


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